Living Healthy Lifestyle

Living healthy lifestyle is indeed the key to a life worth living but what is healthy lifestyle is the question asked by many. Healthy lifestyle does not mean a way of life whereby you are able to ward off disease and stay fit. It is getting something more from life itself by making little changes in your lifestyle. It is physical, mental and social well being that fills your life with happiness and contentment.


The most important problem today is the hectic work schedule and the sedentary life of most adults throughout the world. Living healthy lifestyle requires a little bit of motivation and of course time away from the addiction to electronic gadgets and the idiot box. Here are some healthy lifestyle tips that can help to reach the goal of living a healthy lifestyle


Physical activity is essential to stimulate the body to function well by improving our blood circulation, gives strength fight injuries, and increases mobility in the muscles and joints. Indulge in activities like playing games, going for walks, gardening, and doing household chores will make a big difference in keeping depression and mood swings at bay. Exercises help in toning the body. Further brisk walking, swimming, cycling, aerobics, dancing, yoga etc should be carried out in unison with the other moderate activities mentioned above.


The term what is healthy lifestyle is closely connected with what a person eats. Eating healthy means, having five portions of fruits, vegetables in a day, add omega3, fatty, acids, whole grains, and fibers in your diet but keep it low in, salt, fats and less processed foods. Drinking 8 to 10 glasses of water helps to flush out body toxins and keeps the body hydrated. Another important healthy lifestyle tips is to quit smoking and always have a positive attitude towards life.

Living a healthy lifestyle will not only help in losing weight but also at the same time keep the dreaded diseases of hypertension, heart attack, stroke, and diabetes at bay.