The Lost Diabetic Is back! Nearly a year on this adventure

Well it has been almost a year now since I was diagnosed with diabetes. It has been a long and trying year for me as I try and cope with this disease and how people treat you with it. The worst part about all this which makes my blood boil to no end is the fact that as a diabetic I have to pay for all my Needles. While the local heroine users (there are lots here in NH, Manchester was ranked Number 3 for the worst city) get Free Needles. OK, Like why do drug addicts get free needles and I don’t? The answer i get all the time is they have a disease and they don’t want to spread it. Well I have a disease and unlike them, I have no choice but to use needles unless I want to die. While they give needles to them and they still die. 

I know I am heartless. Bull, I have lost a cousin to heroine. Uncle has been brought back twice from an OD. I also work with the homeless population and live in one of the worst parts of Manchester NH. So Don’t tell me I am heartless. But the bleeding democrats need to wake up and help us diabetics from spending our money to LIVE and giving it to the Walking dead poor. 

Enough about that. When I was first diagnosed I was 293 pounds. A1C of 13.3 and glucose level above 750. Today my last A1c was 5.8 and my current tally for the 3 month average glucose is 111. so i am looking forward to my next A1C test in January 2018. I weigh 225 lbs. 

I credit all of this to Disc Golfing every day, watching the foods i eat, cutting out bad carbs and eating more whole foods wile eliminating the extra sugar in the foods i eat. My Site is all the research I was doing learning about this disease and how to manage it and still live a normal life.  

So There will be new articles and you can follow me on my Disc Golfing adventures too if you want by researching more about me. Im not going to make that easy for you. Since no one will be reading this anyways. But if you do? Then know you are not alone. There is a way to become healthy again. it just takes lots of research on your part and eating the right foods. The most important part is exercising. So The best way i found to do that is play Disc golf.